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  • male pattern baldness

    Alopecia is when hair or clumps of hair in people fall out and on average between 20-100 hairs per day , which is what makes the term alopecia or hair loss and it can somewhat be misleading. It is often said that up to 100 hairs per day that fall out are normal. That may be true, but applies only if the hair loss is distributed uniformly over the whole head. It focuses on particular areas which are called alopecia areata are only to the top of the head, however  androgenetic alopecia, this is rather more worrying. Read more »

  • weight control

    Weight control

    Like many others I have tried a wide variety of weight control programmes including Weightwatchers and Slimming World with a modicum of success but after shifting the first few pounds, have hit a frustrating period of losing a pound one week to gaining it back the next! The advisors seemed to be mystified and if honest more interested in signing up the next batch of recruits than providing the support I needed. Needless to say despondency quickly set in and before I knew it, I had gained all but 3lbs of the weight I had lost. Read more »