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  • Andy 05.05.2019

    excellent speed

    I read your comments, I did not believe it, but I was curious and decided to check it out. I ordered 10 pills. He arrived after 8 days. On the same day I took the pill. The drug began to act after 20-30 minutes, and this was enough for about 8 hours. Now I have a vacation with my wife every weekend.

  • traam.65 03.04.2019

    Verified Recommend.

    I do not understand why people take the original, if the generic has the same composition and effect, and the price is two times cheaper. I used only the original, and when I read that they have the same composition, except that generics are made in India. Delivery is about 5-13 days.

  • Homer 11.02.2019


    I ordered it for the sake of experiment, it was very interesting to compare. I did not expect that my wife and I would like it so much. Many thanks for your service.

  • tommy 21.01.2019

    The medicine works, but after the first two times I felt dizzy.

  • Ralph M. 14.10.2018

    I dont enjoy it the first time, I used the original before, I don’t see any difference, the same product is cheaper. Delivery pleased me, delivered within 3 days.

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