Xenical Orlistat

In 1985, Swiss pharmacists discovered the ability of some bacteria to block the absorption of fats in the intestines. Having studied the substance secreted by microgerms researchers were able to create its synthetic analogue named Orlistat. A new drug significantly reduced the number of calories from food and contributed to weight loss.

Today Orlistat is part of a variety of drugs for weight loss. Order Generic Xenical in the United States if you want to achieve rapid weight loss and keep the result for a long time. This drug will help get rid of any number of extra pound safety.

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Xenical Orlistat

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What is Xenical (Orlistat)?

Generic Xenical is a means for losing weight which effect on metabolism of fats in the body. It contains the active ingredient Orlistat and additional components:

  • sodium laurylsulphate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • talc;
  • povidone.

The drug does not enter the bloodstream and does not affect the functioning of most internal organs of the body. Orlistat acts only in the narrow space in the gastrointestinal tract. The active substance is completely excreted from the body in several hours later after taking the capsule.

Buing Generic Xenical in the US, you do not put your health in danger. The drug is completely harmless to the body and rarely causes mild side effects. Long-term use of slimming does not lead to disruption of the intestinal system and other disorders.

What is Generic Xenical applied for?

Generic Xenical is intended for weight correction. The drug will help to lose from 2 to 6 kilograms and make your figure slim in short term. It also prevents re-gaining weight within 1-2 months even with improper diet and inactive lifestyle.

Doctors often prescribe Generic Xenical for patients suffering from obesity. The drug helps control the amount of fat intake and does not affect the absorption of other nutritional agents. You should take the drug from 2 to 6 months to lose 10 or more pound.

Generic Xenical in combination with hypoglycemic drugs and a hypocaloric diet used to treat obesity in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Helpful hint: Women in the United States who are struggling with cellulite should buy Generic Xenical. The drug reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat on the buttocks, thighs and belly. The 'Orange peel' disappears in 2-3 months of regular abuse of slimming capsules.

Application and dosing of Generic Xenical

Generic Xenical contains 120 mg of Orlistat. The maximum daily dose of the active substance Orlistat is 360 mg. Drug abuse does not increase the rate of weight loss, but provokes the appearance of side effects.

The medicine is taken in a single capsule together with food during breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you do not plan to eat fatty foods, you do not need to use Generic Xenical. Having missed one dose, do not double the dose next time.

The drug is not suitable for people with a diagnosis of cholestasis or chronic malabsorption syndrome. Also, Generic Xenical is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to its components. It should be taken carefully for weight loss with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia).

The drug prevents the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, K and beta-carotene. Therefore, capsules helped get rid of excess weight should be combined with a vitamin complex.

The average speed of weight loss while taking Generic Xenical helps to lose 4-5 kg per month. This number can be improved if you stick to a balanced diet. The combination of two methods of weight loss allows you to lose up to 2 kg per week.

How does Generic Xenical work?

Lipases are responsible for the breakdown of fats in the human body. The Orlistat partially blocks the work of this enzyme in the gastrointestinal tract, affecting lipid metabolism. During drug exposure, the amount of nutrients absorbed is reduced by 30%.

If fats do not enter the body with food, this causes the body to burn its own fat. You quickly lose those extra weight and the figure becomes slimmer. The disappearance of cellulite in women occurs by reducing the subcutaneous fat.

The drug has a positive effect on the general condition of body:

  • speeds up the metabolism;

Reduces the accumulation of “harmful” cholesterol
Generic Xenical gives a positive effect in almost 100% of cases. Users from the United States, as a rule, speak positively about this drug. If adhere to proper nutrition, one course of taking slimming capsules will help to forget about the problem of overweight.

Side effects of Generic Xenical:

Side effects that occur after taking the drug for weight loss are associated with its effect on the digestive process. Interfering with fat absorption, it causes a number of disorders:

  • meteorism;
  • oily discharge from the rectum;
  • strong urge to defecation;
  • fecal incontinence.

The negative reaction of the body most likely to occur in the first three months of taking Generic Xenical. About 90% of users experienced no discomfort or experienced side effects only once.

In less than 0.1% of cases, the drug causes pantry pain, damage the teeth and gums, discomfort in the rectum. If you notice symptoms of serious disorders, you should consult a doctor.

Helpful hint: To prevent the appearance of side effects from the gastrointestinal tract helps low-fat diet. By limiting the consumption of fatty foods, you will get rid of oily secretions from the rectum and will not often need to visit the toilet.

Who should not take Generic Xenical?

Generic Xenical is forbidden to accept:

  • pregnant and lactating womеn;
  • the young person.

The drug is suitable for the treatment of obesity or body shaping for both men and women. The gender of the user does not affect the strength of the medication and the likelihood of side effects.

How does Generic Xenical affect car driving?

During clinical studies in the United States, no side effects were found that affect the reaction rate. After taking the pill, you can drive a car and do work that requires increased concentration.

Generic Xenical alcohol compatibility

Generic Xenical for obesity can be combined with alcohol. This does not affect the properties of drugs and does not increase the risk of side effects. However, frequent use of alcohol can significantly reduce the rate of weight loss. Alcohol contains a large number of calories the excess of which is deposited in the form of fat in the body.

Cases when Orlistat may not work?

There two cases when taking Generic Xenical in the United States does not help lose weight:

  1. You consume much more calories than your body can spent.
  2. The instructions for the preparation are not followed. If you take a pill later than in an hour after meal, Generic Xenical will not give the desired effect.

Having noticed that the weight does not decrease for more than two weeks, take a break in the course of taking the medicine. In month, start using Generic Xenical again, and you will be able to loss extra weight.

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  • Erika T. 08.05.2019

    Great medicine

    I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks with Xenical and physical activity. Do not forget to follow a diet.

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    Thanks for the fast service.

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    The drug works, but there are side effects. There is a slight dizziness. I stopped taking medicines for a while.